Whiskey Share

Whiskey Share

We've had a ton of fun doing research and development on whiskey and developed several great recipes and flavor profiles we're really excited about. With all of the interest in our whiskey release, we couldn't choose just 1 to release. So we figured what the heck, why not release them all!

Each whiskey share contains five 375ml bottles. Each bottle will be from a different batch (batches 2 through 6).

We've varied the yeast strain, grain bill, and aging process to create 5 unique flavor profiles. What better way to educate your whiskey palate than with 5 different recipes made using the same stills? We're really excited about these recipes, including a special peated whiskey made in the Scotch Whiskey tradition. 

This is the only bottle availability we are planning to make from these batches, and single bottles from these batches will not be made available. Only 100 whiskey shares will be sold.

Limit 1 share per person. Short Path Distillery reserves the right to cancel or modify orders which exceed the limit.

Whiskey shares will be available for pickup in March 2018.


$ 125.00

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