Bourbon Share

Following on the heels of our successful Whiskey and Rye Share releases, we are thrilled to announce our next round of shares will be focused on Bourbon Whiskey. Each batch will feature a unique expression of Bourbon Whiskey made using using organic, locally grown maize and aged in custom-made Maine oak barrels.   

Customers have 2 purchasing options:

Batch 1 (SOLD OUT!)
Sold Out! One 375ml bottle. 60/40 corn-barley, aged in custom-made Maine oak barrels.
Bourbon Share (Batches 2-5) (PRE-SALES SOLD OUT!)
Four 375ml bottles.
Batch 2: 80/20 corn-barley.
Batch 3: 60/20/20 corn-barley-rye.
Batch 4: 60/20/20 corn-barley-wheat.
Batch 5: 60/33/7 corn-barley-peat smoked barley.
All aged in custom-made Maine oak barrels.
Batch 1 is currently available for pickup. Bourbon Shares will be available for pickup on July 20 at 12pm. All orders must be picked up at Short Path Distillery and cannot be shipped. Orders will be held for up to 12 months for pickup.

$ 100.00

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