CSA Pre-Order - Americano Blanc

CSA Pre-Order - Americano Blanc

Our next CSA spirit is almost here! We've been working on some wine-based recipes for a vermouth-influenced amaro using local wine and we are ready to raise the curtain at the end of March.

This release is a little different than previous CSA spirits in that the batch size is much larger than previous CSA spirits. Instead of making this spirit a straight-to-retail release, we still want to offer our CSA members the oopportunity to get some bottles of this batch at their 15% member discount. Therefore, we'll be releasing a small portion of this batch with our typical CSA "egg" labels through the pre-order process and "batch 1" on the tamper strips with low bottle numbers. The remainder of the batch will also have "batch 1" on the tamper strip but feature the bird labels and higher bottle numbers.

Pre-Orders will be open through March 27, 2018 11:59pm

Release date: March 28, 2018

Americano Blanc is an amaro crafted from a brandy base using vidal blanc wine made locally by the good folks at Travessia Winery in New Bedford. We add amaro's characteristic bitterness by macerating the brandy with botanicals before proofing down to 36 proof using vidal blanc wine.

The flavor profile of the spirit was developed to deliver a sense of the deep forests of New England. Bitter wormwood towers like the trees, rising above an understory of bright floral notes and gentle sweetness from chamomile, bitter orange, and star anise. Earthy flavors from angelica and gentian root evoke the fertile soil from which it all grows.

In tasting terms, our Americano Blanc leads with dry white wine and floral notes which are supplemented by a crisp citric acidity and floral sweetness as the spirit crosses the palate and a refreshing bitterness on the finish. Straddling between vermouth and amaro, Americano Blanc is versatile enough to be sipped as a digestif or palate cleanser, a stand-in for dry vermouth in cocktails, or in cocktails featuring savory botanical flavors.


375ml bottles: $19 retail price, $16.15 CSA Member Price

Limit 2 pre-ordered bottles per membership. Short Path Distillery reserves the right to cancel and/or modify pre-orders which exceed the limit. As with all releases of aged spirits, the exact launch date is subject to change.

$ 16.15

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