CSA Pre-Order - Myrtle Liqueur

CSA Pre-Order - Myrtle Liqueur

Myrtle Liqueur: a local Corsican specialty

375ml bottles, 35% ABV (70 proof)

Pre-Orders will be open through Wednesday August 23rd, 11:59pm

Release date Thursday August 24th, 5pm

After his college years, Short Path co-founder and stillmaster Zack Robinson took a summer trip across Europe. While hiking in Corsica, he discovered a local spirit the locals were drinking on their lunch breaks. Expecting a harsh moonshine but surprised by the liqueur's complex, herbal flavor, Zack learned from his host that the spirit was made with the leaves of the myrtle bush, a hardy shrub native to southern Europe.

Fast forward ten years, and we're bringing this local specialty across the pond, an herbacious spirit to sip on over lunch or to boost the complexity of your favorite cocktail. Leading with a citrus and rosemary nose, Myrtle Liqueur sips with a silky body with notes of bay leaf and camphor followed by a clean minty finish. It is a very versatile flavor profile that plays well in anything from an apertif, the lead player in a cocktail, or as a second fiddle enhance the profile of a favorite mixed drink. 

Limit 3 pre-ordered bottles per membership. Short Path Distillery reserves the right to cancel and/or modify pre-orders which exceed the limit.

$16 retail price, $13.60 CSA Member Price

$ 13.60

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