Rye Share

Rye Share

Following on the heels of our successful Whiskey Share release, we are thrilled to announce our next round of shares will be focused on Rye Whiskey. Each bottle in a Rye Share will feature a unique expression of rye whiskey made using using locally grown and malted rye and barley and aged in Maine oak barrels.

While the precise recipes have yet to be finalized, we're anticipating one batch featuring the spicy, dry flavor of unmalted rye, another batch featuring the more smooth and mellow character of malted rye, and a third batch with a higher percentage of rye in the grain bill. A fourth batch will be made using one of the previous 3 grain bills aged in a specially selected barrel to showcase the difference in flavor from the choice of barrel.

Limit 1 share per person. Short Path Distillery reserves the right to cancel or modify orders which exceed the limit.

Rye shares will be available for pickup in November 2018.


$ 100.00

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