Short Path CSA Membership

Short Path CSA Membership

12 Month CSA Membership

Please note: After your membership is purchased, we'll get in touch with you via email to get everything squared away with your membership.

We're always hatching ideas that push the boundaries of what spirits can be, and the Short Path Community Supported Alcohol ("CSA") program is our way of involving you -- our customers -- in the spirit development process.

Each new spirit that we offer through our CSA program will be released as a limited edition, single batch offering. We anticipate demand for these spirits will outstrip supply, so we've created a select number of CSA memberships for those of you who would like to be guaranteed the ability to pre-order a bottle of each CSA offering ahead of the release.

If you've ever wanted to be a taste tester for booze, this is your big chance! Based on the input of our CSA members, we'll periodically select a few spirits to become a permanent part of our product line.

CSA Membership is open to anyone over the age of 21.

Here are all the details of the Community Supported Alcohol program:


How do I become a CSA member, and what does my membership get me?
Each CSA member receives the following perks:
- Guaranteed ability to preorder at least one bottle of each CSA offering prior to launch (please note, bottles are not included in your CSA membership)
- Members-only discount of 15% off all CSA bottle preorders
- a complimentary SPD branded t-shirt and rocks glass
- an invitation to a member appreciation event at the distillery
How much does a CSA membership cost and how long is it active?
A CSA membership costs $65 for one year. We'll be sure to notify you when your membership is about to expire and give you the opportunity to renew.


Where do I pick up my complimentary merch and bottle preorders?

All CSA items -- both the merchandise included with your membership and bottle preorders -- can be picked up from our tasting room in Everett. Please note that a valid ID must be presented at the time bottles are picked up. Unfortunately, we cannot ship CSA bottles at this time. Bottles may only be picked up in person at the tasting room.


How often will you release CSA spirits?

We'll release at least one new spirit every 3 months. If we're feeling feisty, we may even release more! Our first two releases will happen in December.


How can I purchase a CSA spirit?
CSA members will have the exclusive ability to preorder bottles prior to theirlaunch. We'll also be reserving bottles for use in the tasting room. If there are remaining bottles after CSA members have had the opportunity to purchase, these bottles will be available for sale in our tasting room.
What happens when a CSA spirit is sold out?
We won't be making additional batches once the CSA bottles sell out. You'll just have to hope that the spirit is popular enough to eventually become a permanent part of our product line!
Hang on, I'm confused. Did you just say you won't be making any more CSA bottles after a release sells out, but also say that CSA spirits might be released again later?
Yup! To be clear, a spirit will only be offered through the CSA program only once. We'll periodically be selecting the best CSA offerings to "graduate" from the CSA and become a part of our regular product line. Some CSA spirits will make the cut, and some may only be made once. Think of the CSA program as the last step a spirit takes before it gets a wide release -- and we're looking for help from our customers to decide which spirits make the cut! Each CSA bottle will have special CSA labeling and packaging, different from the labeling that the spirit will have if it graduates from the CSA.
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$ 65.00

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